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The Author


Graeme Cocks has tinkered with cars of all shapes and sizes for most of his life.


Backyard projects with his father and brothers grew into single handed ventures restoring vintage racing automobiles from scratch.


As well as the joy of bringing these mechanical beasts back to life, Graeme has always been attracted by the stories that lay behind the machines. The people who built and drove these early monsters that tore up the track and terrorised the local populace in around-the-houses races.


In his proper job, as a journalist, public relations manager and event promoter, Graeme got to write about diverse areas such as politics, tourism, historic sailing ships and voyages of discovery.


Then as CEO of the Fremantle Motor Museum, his passion and his career intersected.


His professional writing and research skills, combined with his intimate knowledge of veteran and vintage cars, enable him to craft vivid stories about the early days of motor racing. 


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