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Smashing Records. Albany's Motor Racing History 
At the beginning of the 20th Century, the road to Albany to Perth was the route for Western Australia's town-to-city dashes. Brave and often foolhardy drivers would pit their skills and the durability of their cars against the worst road int eh State – the Albany to Armadale Road.

This publication tells their long forgotten adventure stories and the stories of the first automobilists to Albany who paved the way for the millions of people who have since enjoyed the smooth tarmac of the Albany Highway.

Many records were smashed, along with a few machines that came off second best after hitting one of the roads notorious potholes. There are captivating stories of colourful characters who drove the vehicles, determined to break the speed record regardless of the risks. Some succeeded, while others had to admit defeat and regroup to try another day.

A wonderful collection of stories of man and machine pitted against the elements in the early days of motoring in Western Australia.

Smashing Records

  • First published 2008
    Soft cover
    297mm x 210mm 32 pages

    ISBN 97808975794463

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