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208pp, 350 full colour photographs, hard cover case bound with a French folded dust jacket. 350mm x 248mm.


In 2019, the Lake Perkolilli Red Dust Revival marked a triumphant return to the glory days of what has been hailed as the fastest natural surface race track in the world.


From 12 to 15 September 2019, more than 100 vintage machines with crews from all over Australia and from as far away as the United Kingdom were drawn to this remarkable patch of dirt. The extraordinary four day celebration created new legends of the track: motorcycles and motor cars dramatically kicking up the dust, thundering around the track, being repaired and sent out again to thrill the crowds.


In this book, the spirit of the Red Dust Revival has been captured by photojournalist Sharon Smith with contributions by Des Lewis, Nicole Lothe, James Nicholls, Ken Sharpe, Peter Tholhuysen, Jim Williams, Donnalea Wilyman, and Casey Wood, and a foreword introduction by Graeme Cocks.


A commemorative photographic book to complement the award winning Red Dust Racers.








Red Dust Revival 2019 Book

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