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The story of the 1957 Australian Grand Prix at Caversham, Western Australia.

The 1957 Australian Grand Prix at the Caversham circuit in Western Australia was one of the most controversial Grand Prix races ever held in Australia.

It was a contest between two of the titans of Australian motor sport in the 1950s – Stan Jones and Lex Davison. The three-litre Maserati versus the three-litre ex-F1 Ferrari of Lex and a 70 lap final in soaring 104-degree heat. These brave legends wrestling their cars around the circuit is testing conditions makes for a fascinating story.

This is the story of the drivers, the race and the repurcussions. The result is still being debated today.

A 44 page booklet that brings all the stories behind the race together.

Controversy at Caversham

  • First published 2007
    Soft cover
    296mm x 210mm 44 pages

    ISBN 9780975794456

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