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Boulder's Best
The remarkable Story of the First Recorded Four Wheel Motor Race in Western Australia.
On St Patrick's Day in 1909, an enthusiastic group of motorists raced around the Boulder Racecourse in the Eastern Goldfiels of Western Australia. Thousands of spectators cheered the intrepid drivers.

Although the race was put together as entertainment for the St Patrick's Day celebrations, it was not as casual as it may first appear. Trials were held before the race. The owners stripped their cars to make them as light as possible and it is likely that more than a pound or two was wagered on the outcome. Yes it was a real motor race.
This contest was the first recorded four wheel motor race in the State, and 100 years later the story of this race and the drivers is told for the first time by WA motorsport historian Graeme Cocks.

A 36p booklet packed with photographs and information sure to delight fans of motor racing in any era.

Boulder's Best W.A.'s First Motor Race

  • First published 2009
    Soft cover
    296mm x 210mm 36 pages

    ISBN 9780975794470

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